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Doors are essential elements of any home. They provide security, privacy, insulation, and style. But sometimes, you may need to install a new door for various reasons. Maybe your old door is damaged, worn out, or outdated. Maybe you want to change the look of your entryway or interior. Maybe you want to add a new door to a room or closet that doesn’t have one.

Whatever the reason, installing a new door is not as hard as it may seem. In fact, you can do it yourself in less than an hour with some basic tools and materials. All you need is a new door that fits your opening, some shims, screws, nails, caulk, and a drill. And of course, this handy guide will walk you through the process step by step.

So let’s get started!

How to Install a New Door

Before you begin, make sure you have the right type and size of door for your opening. You can measure your old door and order a new one that matches its dimensions. Or you can measure your opening and buy a pre-hung door that comes with a frame and hinges already attached.

If you are replacing an old door, you will need to remove it first. If you are adding a new door to an existing opening, you can skip this step.

Step 1: Remove the old door

To remove the old door, you will need to pry off the interior trim that covers the gap between the door jamb and the wall. You can use a pry bar or a flathead screwdriver for this task. Be careful not to damage the wall or the trim.

Next, you will need to unscrew the hinges that connect the door to the jamb. You can use a drill or a screwdriver for this task. Start from the bottom hinge and work your way up. Hold the door as you remove the last hinge so it doesn’t fall.

Finally, you will need to remove the old door knob and lockset from the door. You can use a screwdriver or a drill for this task. Keep these parts if you want to reuse them on your new door.

Step 2: Prep the opening

Once you have removed the old door, you will need to prep the opening for the new one. First, check the sill or the bottom part of the opening for any damage or unevenness. You may need to repair or level it with some shims or wood filler.

Next, check the rough opening or the space between the studs for any nails or screws that may interfere with the new door frame. You may need to remove them with pliers or a hammer.

Finally, check the opening for any debris or dust that may affect the installation of the new door. You may need to vacuum or sweep it clean.

Step 3: Set the new door in place

Now that you have prepped the opening, you are ready to set the new door in place. If you are using a pre-hung door, you will need to lift it up and center it in the opening. Make sure the hinges are on the same side as your old door.

If you are using a slab door without a frame, you will need to attach it to the existing jamb with new hinges. You can use your old door as a template to mark where to drill holes for the hinges on both the door and the jamb.

Step 4: Shim, square, and fasten the frame

Once you have set the new door in place, you will need to shim, square, and fasten it to ensure it is level and secure. Shims are thin pieces of wood that help adjust gaps and angles between surfaces.

To shim your new door frame, insert shims behind each hinge and on each side of the frame near the top and bottom corners. Use a level to make sure the frame is plumb and square.

To fasten your new door frame, drill pilot holes through the shims and into the studs. Then drive screws through the holes to secure the frame. Start from the top hinge and work your way down. Make sure the door opens and closes smoothly.

Step 5: Install the door knob and lockset

Once you have fastened the frame, you can install the doorknob and lockset on your new door. You can use your old ones or buy new ones that match your style.

To install the doorknob and lockset, you will need to drill holes on the edge and face of the door according to the instructions that come with your hardware. Then insert the latch and strike plate into the edge of the door and secure them with screws. Next, insert the spindle and knobs into the face of the door and tighten them with screws. Finally, attach the lock cylinder and keyhole cover if needed.

Step 6: Caulk and seal the gaps

The last step to installing a new door is to caulk and seal any gaps between the frame and the wall. This will prevent air leaks, moisture damage, and insects from entering your home.

To caulk and seal the gaps, you will need a caulking gun and some exterior-grade caulk. Apply a continuous bead of caulk along the inside and outside edges of the frame. Smooth out any excess caulk with your finger or a damp cloth.


Installing a new door can be a rewarding and enjoyable DIY project. It can also improve the appearance, security, and comfort of your home. With this guide, you can learn how to install a new door in a few simple steps. All you need is some basic tools, materials, and skills. And of course, a new door that suits your taste and needs.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your new door and get ready to transform your home!


How much does it cost to install a new door?

 The cost of installing a new door depends on several factors, such as the type, size, and quality of the door, the labor involved, and your location. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of installing an exterior door ranges from $500 to $1,500, while the average cost of installing an interior door ranges from $150 to $350.

How long does it take to install a new door?

 The time varies depending on your skill, experience, and tools. It can take from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

How do I paint or stain my new door?

 You will need to remove any hardware, sand any rough surfaces, clean any dust or dirt, apply a primer if needed, apply two coats of paint or stain as instructed, and let your door dry before reinstalling any hardware.

How do I maintain my new door?

 You will need to clean your door with soap and water regularly, lubricate your hinges and lockset with silicone spray periodically, check your door for any damages and repair them promptly, repaint or restain your door when it fades or peels, and replace any worn or broken hardware or weatherstripping.

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